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Your Creative Thumb Print

Here’s something astonishing I noticed when I began teaching printmaking: every person who comes through the door has a particular style that is generally evident in their very first print. I wasn't surprised to see this among experienced artists, but I found it equally true for those who emailed in advance to make sure it was okay for them to sign up, given that they had absolutely zero artistic background and not a creative bone in their body. They came in, sat down, made prints, and in those prints was an expression of some inner style, a style that I saw hold constant even as their work developed over time. I love teaching students who are just beginning to explore their creativity, because I always feel that I’m getting a secret first glimpse of something that is just at that moment being revealed to the world.

Rob Mitchell had a creative background when he arrived at Chrysalis Studio, and he has developed his printmaking in thrilling ways. Here is a very early print from Rob, along with a more recent one. You can see his style evolving, and yet also remaining distinctively constant. Rob has a loose, gestural approach that beautifully records the lively movements of his hands.

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